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ColeHerbals: Janell Cole’s Legacy of Natural Healing Lives On


Janell Cole’s Legacy of Natural Healing

Janell Cole, a dedicated herbalist, devoted her life to crafting natural remedies for a healthier life. Her products, under the Mobu Herbals brand, became renowned for their effectiveness and gentle impact, earning her global acclaim.

Continuing the Mission

In Memoriam: Janell Cole

Unfortunately, Janell passed away in April 2019, but her legacy thrives through ColeHerbals. With exclusive rights to Janell’s formulations, ColeHerbals is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring safe and effective natural health solutions for all.

Janell Cole MOBU Herbals

Why Choose ColeHerbals?

Quality Meets Assurance

ColeHerbals offers a diverse product range addressing various health concerns, including:

  • Digestive Health
  • Skin Care
  • Immune Support
  • Stress Relief
  • Sleep Solutions
  • And More

All ColeHerbals products are crafted with the finest ingredients, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Supporting Janell’s Legacy

Join the Cause

You can actively participate in preserving Janell’s legacy by choosing ColeHerbals. When you use Brenda’s affiliate link (, you not only save 15% with coupon code GeoBlends (case sensitive) on your purchase but also contribute to keeping Janell’s memory alive.

Benefits of Brenda’s Affiliate Link

A Win-Win Decision

Utilizing Brenda’s affiliate link for ColeHerbals products offers several advantages:

  • Save 15% on your purchase with code GeoBlends at checkout
  • Support Brenda’s mission in preserving Janell’s memory
  • Contribute to educating others about the wonders of natural herbal medicine

A Familiar Promise

For Past Mobu Herbals Customers

Customers who’ve trusted Mobu Herbals in the past can expect the same high-quality ingredients and effectiveness from ColeHerbals products, as they are based on Janell’s original formulations.

Discover a Healthier You

For Those New to Mobu Herbals

ColeHerbals presents a diverse range of natural herbal remedies, catering to a wide spectrum of health concerns. Whether you seek to enhance digestion, boost your immune system, or alleviate stress, ColeHerbals has a product tailored for you.


ColeHerbals: Where Natural Remedies Begin

ColeHerbals, the new dwelling of Mobu Herbals, is where Janell Cole’s original formulations, synonymous with quality, flourish. By choosing ColeHerbals, you not only support Janell’s legacy but also embark on a journey towards optimal health through nature’s offerings.

Brenda proudly partnered with coleherbals as an affiliate to share products. This post includes links to the affiliate website. If you click on the product links and make a purchase, I will earn commission.


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