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Tips to Repair Dry Skin

We are pleased to present some of Dr. Cole’s proven protocols that complement her range of first-aid skin-repair products. These effective solutions address common skin issues that many individuals encounter in their busy day-to-day routines.

Sun Damage and Burns

In the event of sun damage or burns, it is crucial to take immediate action. First, cool down the affected area rapidly using ice or extremely cold water in order to prevent further damage. Next, cleanse the area gently with pure water to ensure cleanliness and reduce the risk of infection.

To aid in the healing process, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of Dr. Cole’s Skin Repair Balm regularly throughout the day until the burn begins to cool down or subside. This specialized balm provides essential nutrients and promotes healthy skin recovery.

If a scar develops from the burn, it is advised to continue daily application of either Dr. Cole’s Skin Repair Balm or Cream until the scar is no longer visible. These products are specifically formulated to support scar reduction and offer optimal skin repair properties.

Remember, taking proper care of burns and sun damage can greatly contribute to minimizing long-term effects and promoting effective healing.

Dry Skin

To promote hydration, it is recommended to consume pure spring water, mineralized filtered water, or water purified through reverse osmosis. If you are feeling dehydrated, drink four sips of water every half hour until you feel revitalized.

Additionally, it is advised to drink half an ounce of pure water for each pound of body weight throughout the day.

For optimal skincare, take a bath with warm water as frequently as possible. After bathing, promptly apply a high-quality moisturizer that will seal in the moisture. Dr. Cole’s Gourmet Body Butter is specifically formulated for this purpose.

When washing your face on a daily basis, utilize pure water and a clean washcloth. Massage your face and neck thoroughly to eliminate dirt particles and enhance circulation. Avoid using soap as it can strip away natural oils and result in dryness. Subsequently, apply a gentle and organic moisturizer to your face and neck immediately after cleansing – but don’t dry off – use the Fresh Face Organix Facial Moisturizer next.

Don’t forget to wash your hands with a mild antibacterial soap then apply an effective hand cream to retain moisture levels. Dr. Cole’s Gourmet Body Butter is great for this purpose!

Chapped Hands or Chapped Feet

Thoroughly cleanse the affected area using clean, pure water. Avoid using soap.

Apply Dr. Cole’s Herbal Skin Repair Balm or Cream to the dry and cracked areas as frequently as necessary.

For best results, repeat this routine before retiring to bed to aid in moisturizing the skin.

Rashes and Infections Caused by Toxins or Allergens

First, carefully cleanse the affected area with clean water. Next, apply Dr. Cole’s Herbal Extraction Balm and allow it to penetrate the skin, drawing out toxins over several hours. After that, gently wash the area again. Finally, apply Dr. Cole’s Skin Repair Balm or Cream to aid in the healing process of the skin. For optimal results, it is recommended to apply this product before bedtime to allow it to work overnight. Repeat these steps until the skin has fully cleared up.

Cuts and Scars

Thoroughly cleanse the affected area using clean, pure water. Avoid using soap.

Apply Dr. Cole’s Skin Repair Balm or Cream to the affected area.

Deep cuts requiring stitches are handled the same way. Keep the area moist and clean according to the doctor’s instructions before using Dr. Cole’s Herbal Skin Repair Balm or Cream.

Massaging Dr. Cole’s Herbal Extraction Balm into troubled areas of the skin is the second step in Dr. Cole’s recommended three-part protocol for major skin problems. (The first step is to wash the wound or bite thoroughly.) The Extraction Balm was created to penetrate deeply into the top layers of the skin, and pull toxic elements to the surface where they can be removed easily. This always has been one of Dr. Cole’s most popular products—used successfully to extract anything from bug or spider-bite toxins to infected pimples to intense skin rashes. Follow the instructions closely and let it go to work to reduce all sorts of skin impurities that otherwise are difficult to handle.

Dr. Cole’s Skin Repair Balm assists in helping the skin heal itself once toxic substances have been extracted from the skin. This product works well to soothe irritated skin conditions, relieve sunburn (or other burns), stop itching, calm down rashes, reduce swelling, and more. This balm is more intense than the cream (seen below) and usually is used on body parts other than the face, neck and hands.

Dr. Cole’s Skin Repair Herbal Cream was created to assist in healing the more delicate areas of the body, such as the face, neck and hands. This thick, luxurious cream can be used on a daily basis as a preventative measure, or to assist in healing immediate skin irritations. Formerly part of Dr. Cole’s MOBU Herbals line of products, this was called “MOBU Herbals SOS Lotion.” It has been re-formulated into a thicker cream, and comes in an air-tight pump jar that is more sanitary, recyclable, and has a much longer shelf life.

No medicine cabinet should be without this dynamic duo: Dr. Cole’s Skin Repair Discounted Bundle! The balm is used for the more intense skin irritations on the lower body, while the cream is best for the more sensitive areas on the face, neck and hands. These products always have been long-time favorites for Dr. Cole’s patients, and were formerly called MOBU Herbals SOS.

This First-Aid Skin-Repair Bundle comprises all of the products needed to follow Dr. Cole’s emergency first aid skin-repair protocol, which includes:

1) Cleaning the irritated skin area.

2) Massaging Dr. Cole’s Extraction Balm into the irritated skin area.

3) Applying Dr. Cole’s Skin Repair Balm to assist the skin in repairing itself after the toxins have been extracted.

4) Using Dr. Cole’s Skin Repair Cream to assist in healing the face, neck or hands, or for day-to-day preventative use.

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