Dr. Cole’s Organic Anti-fungal Skin Soaking Salts

Extra Strength, Herbal, Anti-fungus Treatment for Skin Fungus Infections and Jock Itch – Disinfects & Repairs Infected Skin

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THE PROBLEM — Have you ever looked at the list of chemical ingredients in your skin fungus treatment? Applying unnatural chemicals to your body allows toxins to seep past the skin barrier into the circulatory system to be pumped throughout the body.


THE SOLUTION — Looking for something different? Dr. Cole’s Skin Fungus Bath Salt is formulated with organic, wildcrafted and essential oil ingredients from nature. It is safe for your body while also being very effective for eradicating skin fungus.


THE DIFFERENCE — Dr. Cole’s skin fungus salt was created by a Naturopathic doctor after 20 years of successfully working with patients suffering from extreme foot and nail fungus conditions. After years of experience, she discovered that employing a natural, Ayurvedic approach towards healing foot fungus was more effective than using chemical creams, medications, or other pharmaceutical products that are toxic to the human body.