Dr. Cole’s Constipation Remedy

Are you searching for a natural solution to relieve constipation, sluggish bowel movements, and uncomfortable bloating? Dr. Cole’s Coles Lax Relief Formula is your answer. Our product is an organic herbal constipation relief formula that offers a safe and gentle approach to ease these discomforts, suitable for everyone from infants and toddlers to kids, adults, the elderly, and even pets.

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THE PROBLEM – Traditional chemical laxatives often come with unwelcome side effects, disrupting your digestive system and potentially causing more harm than good. We understand the concerns surrounding these chemical formulations.

THE INNOVATIVE SOLUTION – Our approach is revolutionary. Instead of relying on oral or anal laxatives that may irritate your sensitive digestive system,  Coles Lax Relief Formula is an external ointment. By massaging this powerful, organic, and wildcrafted constipation remedy directly onto your skin over the colon area, you can support natural peristalsis for quick, effective, and non-toxic constipation relief.

WHAT MAKES US STAND OUT – Dr. Cole’s Herbal Constipation Treatment is the result of over 20 years of expertise. Our Naturopathic doctor has successfully treated patients with a range of constipation and colon issues, including Crohn’s Disease, irritable bowel, diverticulitis, diarrhea, digestive problems, gut issues, and constipation linked to low-carb diets. Her innovative approach involves the use of organic and wildcrafted, non-chemical ointments applied directly to the affected area.

Unlock Natural Relief with Dr. Cole’s Coles Lax Relief Formula – Your Organic Constipation Remedy for Gentle Relief.

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Discover Dr. Cole’s Coles Lax Relief Formula: A Natural Solution” – Click here to read about how Dr. Cole’s Constipation Remedy offers a gentle, organic approach to relieving constipation for all ages, including detailed insights on its benefits and usage


  • Our product comes in a convenient metal container with a twist-off lid, ensuring ease of use.
  • It contains organic and wildcrafted constipation relief ingredients, which safely bypass the sensitive digestive system, facilitating easier elimination.
  • Each package includes complimentary samples of the Hemorrhoid Balm for Hemorrhoid Relief and exclusive discount codes, allowing you to try our related products at a discounted rate.
  • Inside, you’ll find an informative instruction brochure, guiding you on the proper usage of the constipation balm and explaining how Dr. Cole’s constipation-related products synergize for comprehensive relief.


MOBU Herbals EZ Lax Cole Herbals Herbal Remedies Constipation
MOBU Herbals EZ Lax Cole Herbals Herbal Remedies Constipation
MOBU Herbals EZ Lax Cole Herbals Herbal Remedies Constipation